This detailed and dishy book profiles the top twenty royals tearing up the party scene, falling in (and out of) love, globe-trotting on never-ending vacations—and using their titles for the ultimate entitlement. 

William is married, three kids, bald and boring. Harry, no longer an official royal, self-exiled, settled. So…where do we go for our royal fix of young, rich, debauched, monarchical hotness?

All over the world, it turns out. From British headline-grabbers like Princess Eugenie and her sister, Princess Beatrice, to Austrian car racer Prince Ferdinand von Habsburg, to Grecian super-socialite Princess Maria Olympia, Young Hot Royals is gossip fodder at its finest, with every society ball, scandalous relationship, and splashy wedding laid bare. 

This is beyond trust-fund living—this is a world exclusive to the pedigreed, the privileged, and the well-connected. Behavior, good or bad, need not apply.

What's Inside

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